Software package for data acquisition and evaluation
MCPS is a software package, which is installed in one minute on usual Windows PCs (minimum WindowsXP SP3). The basic concept of MCPS is to provide an easy and fast way to configure a measurement. So MCPS is not a SCADA or development system. It was designed to be handled by ordinary users and not by programmers or developpers. Nevertheless MCPS can be is used in even complex applications. Its modular design adapts to customerīs requirements. From simple data logging to critical environments like pharmaceutical industry or nuclear power plants: MCPS can be found in nearly every part of industry.

Easy configuration:

- Administration of many devices and interfaces (RS232/485, GBIB or Ethernet)
- Easy definition of measurement task by creating a channel table (Project)
- Fast start of data acquisition project, numeric and trend window open automatically
- Data are stored automatically into a file, no database is used and no database technician required

Data visualization:

- Various types of display windows (Texts, Trends, Bars, Gauges, Profiles).
- User defined window layouts and settings
- Easy handling of up to 1000 channels using the MCPS group manager. Only channels of a selected group are displayed. User can define as many groups and subgroups as he want (e.g. Different buildings, machines, ovens, ...).
- Display of historica data directly in MCPS. No other software needed. This is even possible during data acquisition

Alarm monitoring:

MCPS provides an extensive and powerful alarm management system:
- Online alarm window for current alarms with acknowledgement
- Historical alarms
- Alarm actions: SMS / Email / Digital outputs (Hardware) / Scripts
- User assignments (An alarm related document can be opened to get specific instructions)


- Standard mathematics in symbolic form (x1+x2 * sin(x3))
- Statistics
- Special functions as moving average, F-Value, totalizers, stability tests, ...
- Implementation of external DLLs with specific computations
- Reference measurements

Client / Server:

- MCPS can be installed on additional computers as clients
- Access to historical data during measurement (Review, Statistics, Export, Printouts,..)
- Display of online values, system messages and alarms inclusive alarm acknowledgement


- Integrated Webserver
- Display of custom sites
- Dynamic page rendering with ActiveServerPages
- Control of MCPS from browser

Batch manager:

- Administration of batch processes
- Custom specific input mask to enter batch related parameter like serial number, order number, product id, customer, etc.
- Batch information are saved in a MCPS specific database
- Search functions for fast access to desired batch

Pharmaceutical applications:

- Conforms to 21CFR11
- Flexible user administration, password history
- Audittrail
- Secured data files

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